SNN Erection Thong

It is very thin and well stretched, somewhat transparent. It is shaped to push the penis upward. It stretches well. The penis portion is small. It is smaller overall and made shallow. It fits perfectly just like a small dick.


Micro fiber Short leggings

t's thin but steady. The surface is very soft micro fiber cloth. A short legging. But it's comfortable rather big overall. It's only size M, but all person from size 80 centimeters of hip to about 110 centimeters can put it on. It isn't tight around the leg. Even a thick person is OK with a leg. If it's less than 40 centimeters of person around the leg conversely, cloth remains. This cloth tends to stick to skin, and the shape of the penis tends to go out clear.

Penis Restriction supporter

3 circles pierce in the front lengthwise belt. There is a plastic ring in the bottom. A penis and a ball are put in a plastic ring. And a penis is put in 3 circles. It's thick and tight by solid rubber. Very shallow.. It tightens tight. Even 7 centimeters of belt (is elastic) from ring upper end. It's 10 centimeters (It's elastic.) around the ring. A plastic ring is made of the abs resin. (5 centimeters of inside diameter. There is rubber, so about 4.5 centimeters of substance)



Ultra Long John

It isn't that thick, is steady and is a cloth of a light feel. It extend, but there is a fitting feel. These are only size M. Please consult the size indicated on the lower right by the yellow character.



Luster tight Rio-Back

It's light, is glossy and is steady cloth. Very shallowly, it has the sense tightened up. The bottom is the small Rio back type, and it's easy to rip into the bottom. A rather hard tightening sense suits a favorite person. The front is shallow, so if it erections, it sticks up.



Ultra Long John

It isn't that thick, is steady and is a cloth of a light feel. It exten





Extremely thin,No Seam leggings

extremely thincloth see-throw low-rise seamless Sheer cloth, Transparent, low rise and seamlessness Very thin and light transparent cloth. It's very delicate and is thin cloth, so please handle it gently. By a low rise and a front is seamless. There is a light fitting feel by smooth texture. It's transparent, so it doesn't turn for outdoors and training. Without using a washing machine, please hand-wash it.
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