extremely thincloth Short Tank

It is transparent, it has a shiny fabric. It is a short tank top like a bra. The length is short. (About 8 cm) Suitable for people with chest measure less than 110 cm

men's,bra,Tank top,Short,seen through,for men,Chest


CottonPlain bikini

With low rise, no seams in front. It is a cotton bikini like a swimsuit. Hips are not small.



transparent No Seam Fullback

This is a very thin fabric, it is transparent. It covers all butt in sporty form. There is no seam in the front. There is no seam in the crotch. Very good stretchability. It fits people with hip size from 90 cm to 100 cm.


Male,bikini,Briefs,seen through,see-throw,thin,Sexy


Nylon 2way High leg-cut HB

It is light fabric and has gloss. There is no seam in the front part. High back cut behind. Fits a person with a hip size between 90 cm and 100 cm.  



Binder 55Tank top

It sticks to a body. The length when laying it flat, (from a shoulder to the hem) Small 50cm (it's increased lightly, and, 57cm) Medium 52cm (it's increased lightly, and, 60cm) Large 57cm (it's increased lightly, and, 66cm) A model of a picture is medium wear. By 100 centimeters of bust and the height when sitting from the hipbone upper part to the shoulder is 60 centimeters.  


men's,Tank top,Fitting ,tight,Athlete's number,sports,Man,Muscle,Chest,Sexy,under


SNN looks up pointed TB

It is a very thin and transparent fabric. Very stretchy. The penis looks up.



Luster tight Rio-Back

It's light, is glossy and is steady cloth. Very shallowly, it has the sense tightened up. The bottom is the small Rio back type, and it's easy to rip into the bottom. A rather hard tightening sense suits a favorite person. The front is shallow, so if it erections, it sticks up.